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Morgan Sindall have been campaigning for improved health, safety and well-being to all those they come into contact with in conjunction with the Southern Construction Framework (SCF). On the current SCF procured AUB Student Accommodation project, Morgan Sindall’s Site Manager, Lee Marriner, took the initiative to arrange a full day on site on 22 August 2019 to promote health, safety and well-being with support from supply chain and their SHE Advisors.

Area Director, Jon Daines and SHE Manager, Andrea Smith were in attendance with the supply chain all day and available for anyone who wanted to discuss any queries about health and safety or about the business generally. They both had a steady stream of people wanting to have those conversations.

Suppliers Greenham, Uvex and JSP brought along their latest innovations to display and explain the benefits these provide to the workforce.

The daily briefings with the “black hat” supervisors also included a reminder of Morgan Sindall’s newly launched policy on the mandatory use of self-checking respirators in place of the disposable type. It was encouraging that all subcontractors were aware of this and some were already investing in new respirators in line with the new requirement which has a transition period until the end of the year.

Uvex offered operatives a free swap of their exiting eye protection to their new improved range of light eye protection(LEP) and explained the different features of each type.

Greenham showcased their latest site work wear including a large range of gloves providing advice on the correct glove for the task. Greenham were also able to promote their “Well-being through Safety” initiative offering services such as face-fit testing, prescription safety eye-wear and their new “FootStop” service which is a foot scanning service to ensure the right fit when selecting safety boots.

JSP are always happy to support Morgan Sindall in events such as these and this day was no exception. Their Rep came along to show the latest innovation in their huge range of safety products. In addition to the Force 8 original respirator with self-checking face-fit filters, he brought along air-fed helmets with powered air respirators which provide dust protection without the neex to wear a mask. This is deal for those sporting beards who work in situations where there is the potential for exposure to airborne dust.

Morgan Sindall promote health, safety and well-being with support from supply chain partners at AUB Student Accommodation Picture shows the mini exhibition set-up on the site compound between the welfare facilities and the construction area to capture maximum footfall Picture shows the H&H scaffolders taking great interest in trying the different eye protection of offer for comfort and vision quality before choosing their favourite

JSP were also able to demonstrate their new neck cape which clips neatly to the cradle of the safety helmet and keeps the neck covered against the sun. JSP’s second innovation, a cooling headband, can also be fitted to the cradle of the safety helmet in place of the original. The we are simply soaks the band in cold water, squeezes it out and fits it to the front headband of the helmet cradle where it will keep the wearer cool for up to 6 hours. Needless to say on such a warm day, this innovation also generated lots of interest amongst the workforce.

The exhibitors were impressed at the level of engagement received and really pleased to be able to show operatives the range of their products firsthand which really did amaze some of them! Many of them took the trouble to say how useful it had been and that they had not experience this type of initiative on any other project.

Following the success of the day, the site team intend to engage with suppliers again to provide briefings to the workforce with a Q&A session. They also plan to use Medigold to carry out some “know your numbers” well-being checks on blood pressure, BMI, sugar, etc on a voluntary basis.

“Whilst there can be a reluctance with some to accept Morgan Sindall’s 5 point PPE policy, the day really helped demonstrate that it’s in place for the benefit of everyone and the good reasons behind it. It also helped the site guys to understand the range of PPE in the market and they don’t need to struggle with equipment that is uncomfortable or difficult to wear. The day was a resounding success and greatly appreciated by everyone on site. We are hugely grateful to Uvex, Greenham and JSP for taking the time to support our efforts to improve health, safety and well-being for all our workforce.”
Andrea Smith, SHE Manager


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