Cost vs Quality

At SCF we believe that key to our ongoing success is advocating a high quality-to-cost scoring ratio, testing the skills and knowledge of the contractors rather than promoting a ‘race-to-the-bottom’ mentality.

We have successfully procured and managed many major frameworks and supported a whole range of public sector clients over many years now, with the same mantra: Best value project delivery. Over this time we have seen overheads in the industry shrink as suppliers compete to deliver more efficiently. Competition to partner with SCF’s major projects framework is fierce, and, due to its high workload, can offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

The framework competition was scored on a ratio of 80% Quality and 20% commercial, because we believe the real value in SCF’s integrated team approach is from the processes and controls put in place to de-risk the project and complete the design with the expertise in the supply chain, and skills like this cannot be tested via lowest-price-wins.

The real value that main contractors can bring to an SCF project can only be tested by engaging with the industry to identify the real challenges and opportunities of each particular project, to explore the ways to best overcome them.

The most successful projects are where clients engage with the framework before the mini-competition, benefiting from the collective knowledge within the framework’s class-leading contractors, and tailoring the mini-competition process, to ensure the best possible project outcomes.

To understand why we recommend this method, it best to consider each element separately.