Morgan Sindall Jobs Fair

Hackney Britannia Leisure Centre area and School site team organise and attend local jobs fair

Morgan Sindall have been appointed to regenerate the Britannia Leisure Centre are of Hackney adjacent to Shoreditch Park. The project consists of the creation of a new mixed-use leisure centre, whilst the existing facility remains in use and the new Shoreditch Park Academy, a new 1,100-place, 6FE secondary school. The existing leisure centre will be demolished once the new facility is opened. The site team on the project, in partnership with the Shoreditch Trust and Hackney Works Team, organised and attended a free jobs fair on Friday 8th November 2019. The jobs fair was advertised locally and on social media, and was opened by Cllr Williams. Over 100 local people registered and attended the free event, with representatives from 12 organisations in attendance:

• Morgan Sindall Construction
• Shoreditch Trust
• Hackney Works
• Waterhouse Restaurant
• Metropolitan Police
• New City College
• K10 shared apprentice scheme
• J Brennan shared apprentice scheme
• Evolve shared apprentice scheme
• O’Neill and Brennan
• Koru Kids

The event was very successful, and there is now a roster of local people who will be carrying out work experience on the project. There were also local people who were offered jobs on the day by Morgan Sindall’s construction partners O’Neill and Brennan, and can confirm that one resident began work the next day to give him the experience that was needed to improve his CV.

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you for hosting stands [at the jobs fair]. Over 100 delegates attended, and there’s been some great feedback from the day”

Cat Whitehouse – Community Manager.

For more information visit the project website:

November 2019