The Southern Construction Framework (SCF) and North West Construction Hub (NWCH) are jointly launching a Professional Services Framework, enabling clients swift and simple access to multi disciplinary design and management professionals; specialists in delivering successful outcomes through integrated working.

Due for delivery in Spring 2020, the new Professional Services Framework will complement SCF and NWCH construction frameworks, key members of the NACF (National Association of Construction Frameworks).and will be available in regional lots to public sector clients in the South West, South East, London, Wales, West Midlands and the North West. This framework will enable its users to demonstrate value for money from an open book system of accounting, design innovation and the removal of waste from the process of procurement. With the added benefit of being a nationally run framework that focuses on local value.

Keith Heard, Framework Manager for Southern Construction Frameworks said, “The framework proposal was born out of a joint intellectual pool of ideas that can improve the way public sector construction procurement is being delivered. The new approach is an answer to the systemic failures of a fragmented construction industry. It will replace the unsustainable lowest price way of thinking and instead drive value driven collaborative working, based on an integrated team approach.”

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